Adam Thoroughgood House, Virginia Beach, Virginia

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The History of the Haunting

When Adam Thoroughgood moved to Virginia in 1621, he was an indentured servant. He would be granted a land parcel in 1636-- though the current residence you visit dates back to somewhere between 1680 and 172. This is the first of two properties associated with Thoroughgood that's reputedly haunted. At one point, the house was falling into disrepair as the cities of Norfolk and Virginia Beach fought over who owned the place (neither wanted to take of the property). Maybe this was the catalyst that caused two spirits from the past to once again take up residence in the home. Visitors to the historic site have witnessed apparitions (a spectral woman has been seen peering from a window and the spirit of a man in a suit is there as well), heard ghostly voices, and seen objects moving by themselves.