Cedar Grove Mansion, Vicksburg, Mississippi

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The History of the Haunting

John and Elizabeth Klein loved their home.

John Klein liked to smoke a pipe in his favorite chair in the Gentleman's parlor on the first floor. Elizabeth Klein took pride in her home and family.

Though well-off because of good planning and lucky in other aspects, tragedy did strike the family several times.

Dumb kid accident: One of the Klein's sons, a 17 year boy, was accidentally shot on the back outside stairway when the gun he was carrying was accidentally dropped and discharged.

Deadly Illnesses or mishaps:

One daughter died in an upstairs bedroom probably from a childhood disease. Two infants died in the nursery of unknown causes; from disease or SIDS? When the family sold the property and mansion to someone outside the family in 1919, 3 family graves were moved to a cemetery.

Cedar Grove was used as a Union Hospital where some men obviously died.

A young woman from a family who lived in the mansion at a later time, shot herself in the ballroom.


Various entities of the Klein family have moved back in, willing to share their home with the living.

The entity of John Klein still is master of his home, perhaps not quite trusting the living's judgment, and keeps a fatherly eye on the staff, owners and guests.

When someone enters or goes near his gentleman's parlor and he doesn't like them for some reason, the smell of a pipe can suddenly be noticed.

The sounds of children playing and the sounds of a baby crying have been heard.

The entity of Elizabeth Klein has been seen walking down the front stairs of the home she loved so much, just happily going about her business.

One of the graves moved in 1919 was of a little girl, perhaps the daughter who died in the second floor bedroom.

The entity of this little girl has been seen by staff and guests and often heard going up and down the steps leading to the second floor. She looks lost, sad and puzzled.

Foot steps have been heard going up the outside stairway, which are perhaps made by the teenage son still trying to come home.

Other people have claimed to see some entities of Civil War era soldiers wandering around the mansion and sometimes going up the stairs.

It is thought by some that the female entity of the suicide death is perhaps also floating around the mansion, ballroom, and using the steps as well.

Tom and I stayed here in July of 2006 in a glorious, antique-filled second floor bedroom. While walking around downstairs by myself the next morning, I went by the gentleman's parlor and smelled the distinct, sweet odor of a pipe smoke for a few minutes before it disappeared. Oh Oh! My presence wasn't appreciated. Perhaps I was disturbing someone's quiet time. I made a hasty retreat.