Kenmore Plantation, Fredericksburg, Virginia

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The History of the Haunting

This home was built by the sister of George Washington, Betty Washington Lewis, and her husband, Fielding. It was constructed in a Georgian style and sat square in the middle of almost 1,300 acres of land. A staunch patriot, Fielding sold off most of his assets in order to finance the building of an arms plant to support the war against England. He would die in 1781 -- mere weeks after Cornwallis surrendered to Washington. Today, the home is a living museum that you can visit. Guest and staff at the mansion have, reportedly seen the apparition of Fielding in the upstairs are of the house that used to be his study. Other activity includes the sounds of heavy footsteps and the occasional door that opens/closes on its own.

More Stories of Manifestations:

The Entity of Colonel Fielding Lewis is still residing at Kenmore, focused on his financial worries.
His apparition, dressed in 1776 era clothing, is seen sitting in an upstairs room, at his desk, intensely studying his papers, not in a happy mood!
His strong presence is felt in the downstairs hall as well.
The living hear steady heavy footsteps pacing back and forth.
Door knobs turn all by themselves.