William Kehoe House, Savannah, Georgia

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The History of the Haunting

Legend has it a pair of twins from the Kehoe family died after playing in a fireplace. Guests often hear children laughing and playing in the hall, though few kids stay at the high-end bed and breakfast. Rooms 201 and 203 are particularly active, with reports of a child appearing and disappearing and an unseen entity sitting on the bed. Other unnerving events include lights that turn on in empty rooms and a doorbell that rings when no one's at the door.

Guests to the Kehoe House have reported all sorts of haunted events happening to them while staying at the Kehoe House. With children passing away in the home it is no coincidence that the ghosts of children and some of the most reported ghostly occurrences in the house. One of the stories that won't die, despite being debunked pretty heavily, is the story of two of the Kehoe children getting stuck in the chimney and dying. The story goes, one day, Mrs. Kehoe came home to find two of her children missing. In a panic, she looked everywhere, but they were nowhere to be found. Some time later, something smelling bad in the house. This lead the Kehoe family to look in the chimney, where they found the bodies of these two children. Fortunately, this never happened. But the fact still remains that many people who have stayed at the Kehoe House have experienced paranormal happenings that involve the ghosts of children. So, what is going on here?

One possible explanation can be found when you consider residential hauntings. Residual hauntings are when events or sounds from the past seemingly replay themselves in a haunted location. We know that many children have lived in the Kehoe House, well before it was known as a haunted Bed and Breakfast. It is possible, that what the guests are experiencing is actually the residual imprints that those children left on the house? It is possible.