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The History of the Haunting

Focuses on the backstory of the doll that was in the possession of paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) in The Conjuring movie. This origin story includes a fictionalized explanation of how a demon became attached to the doll. It also reveals how the doll came to be named after a deceased young girl named Annabelle Higgins. Lorraine Warren is pictured below with the real Annabelle doll.

As indicated in the photos below, the real Annabelle doll was actually a normal looking Raggedy Ann Doll, not the creepy looking porcelain doll seen in the Annabelle movie and The Conjuring.

In the Annabelle movie, husband John Form (Eric Laden) gives the doll to his pregnant wife Mia (Annabelle Wallis) as a present. Through our research into the Annabelle true story, we learned that John and Mia Form are fictional characters. The real Annabelle doll was given as a birthday present by a mother to her daughter, Donna, a nursing student who was turning 28. Donna's mother purchased the antique Raggedy Ann Doll from a hobby store in 1970. The Annabelle movie focuses on the vintage doll's existence prior to Donna's mother purchasing it second-hand at the hobby store, offering a fictional account of how the demon could have entered the doll.

As we investigated the Annabelle true story, we discovered that the doll's former owners, nursing students Donna and Angie, had never been attacked by members of a satanic cult who intruded into their home and subsequently passed a malevolent entity into the doll. This part of the movie is pure fiction, which takes place in 1969, the year before Donna comes into possession of the doll. It was created to provide a fictionalized explanation as to how the demonic spirit became attached to the doll. In real life, the spirit pretends to be that of an innocent young girl named Annabelle Higgins (the real Annabelle Higgins supposedly died when she was still a child, not as an adult who is a member of a satanic cult).

Demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren claim that the doll's original owner, Donna, a nursing student, came home from work to find what looked like blood on the back of the doll's hand and three drops of blood on its chest. There was no explanation for how the red substance had gotten there. This event is what prompted the doll's owner, Donna, to contact a medium for help. In a somewhat unrelated event in the Annabelle movie, we see blood from a dying cult member drip into the doll's eye socket (pictured earlier).

Although there is no medium or seance depicted in the movie, according to the Annabelle doll true story, as told by Ed and Lorraine Warren, the doll's owner, Donna, contacted a medium after noticing that three drops of blood had mysteriously appeared on the doll's chest and more blood was on the back of the doll's hand. The medium became involved 4-6 weeks after the paranormal activity first began.