Urban Legend-Baby Blue

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The History of the Haunting

So have you heard of the Urban Legend of Blue Baby? Or Baby Blue as some might know it. It pretty much runs along the same lines of Bloody Mary, Candy Man, The Lady in White and quite possibly many others too. The legend of The Blue Baby starts with a basic ritual or invocation process of which by simply following a few simple steps, allows you to invoke the spirit of the said Blue Baby. The basic protocol goes something like this;

To execute this legend, you need to go into the bathroom, close the door and shut off the lights. (This could possibly be enough to start the creepy factor, depending on how small your bathroom is and whether you are claustrophobic or not) The next step is to pretend that you are rocking a baby, while you chant the phrase "Blue Baby" thirteen times. They say a baby will appear and scratch you. When this happens you must drop it and run, because if you don't a women will appear and scream loud enough to break the glass, "Give me back my baby!" If you are still found to be holding the baby, she will kill you! Spooky shit eh?