Crying Boy Painting-Haunted Object

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The History of the Haunting

In the 1950's, this painting was mass produced and sold all over the UK. Everything seemed to be going fine until 1985, when a series of house fires were brought to the attention of the general public after it was discovered that in each case, the building and its contents were completely destroyed, all except for the painting. As many as 50 such cases have been recorded.

The story generated so much interest that the newspaper The Sun offered to destroy people's copies of the painting if they sent it in. Many people took the newspaper up on its offer. Disturbingly, the warehouse in which the paintings were being held until they could be destroyed burned down shortly thereafter.

Psychics claim that the painting is haunted by the little boy it depicts. Nothing is known about him so it's possible that he died in 1985 and began his haunting. Supposedly, you may rid yourself of the curse of the painting by giving it to someone else.

I would like to point out there is another way to end the "curse". The little boy had a sister who was also painted, and is known as the "crying girl".

Not much is known about the crying girl, either, but it is said that placing a painting of her beside the crying boy will keep him calm, and she has even been heard crying before a fire starts in the owners home, whether it is by the boy or an accident.