Gettysburg Battlefield Hauntings

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The History of the Haunting

There have been paranormal sightings all over Gettysburg, but the battlefield is the most concentrated of them. If you want to up your chances, check out Devil’s Den, where a ghost was supposedly sighted as recently as 2010.

Anguished screams and the thunder of firearms have been clearly heard on the deserted plains. Fully formed phantom figures have appeared crouching in the grass or struggling with their backpacks, as they pass over the bridge.

It's not just on the battlefield itself, but in the surrounding area too. Straggling soldiers limping down the roads and by-ways, or peering through the windows of once make-shift hospitals, now homes, where they died.

Gettysburg Battlefield is practically a place of pilgrimage for American paranormal investigators. They are almost guaranteed some evidence of the afterlife around there.

The deaths were too intense, too sudden. For the young men and women falling under artillery fire, these were not glorious endings, played out like a Shakespearean drama. It was ugly, muddy, agonizing to the point where some must have screamed for their mothers. For the majority, it also happened a long way from home with war continuing all around them.

Maybe the latter is the crux of the matter. Psychics have concluded that the lost soldiers don't know that they're dead. The Battle of Gettysburg goes on, in an endless loop of horror and mortality. They cannot see the tourists, the historians, the gawping coach-loads of visitors. They barely register the ghost hunters.

They just see the fighting and the fact that no-one can or will heed their screams for help. They died not knowing that they're dead; and perhaps with one of two big imperatives on their mind - fight on, or go home.