Manresa Castle, Port Townsend, Washington State

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The History of the Haunting

This unique set of accommodations includes an on-site restaurant and lounge, as well as a spectacular view of the neighboring Cascade and Olympia Mountains. The mansion was originally constructed in 1892 as the home for Charles and Kate Eisenbeis, and was made to look like the Prussain castles of Charles' youth. He pass away in 1902 and Kate remarried and moved away, leaving the estate empty for almost 20 years (except for a caretaker who was stationed there for upkeep). It ended up being purchased for use as a Jesuit school and was named Manresa Hall. When they left in 1968, the place was converted into a hotel. Most of the third floor of the castle is considered to be haunted -- though Room 306 is said to be the center of it all. According to the legend, a girl leaped from a window to her death and now haunts this room. A second ghost is said to be in the tower and is thought to be a Jesuit priest that hanged himself there.

Reports are that rooms 302, 304 & 306 are haunted. There are reports of two ghosts in residence. One is about a monk who hung himself in the attic. Sometimes people hear footsteps walking above them, but there is no one in the attic. The other ghost is a young lady who had been waiting for her beloved to return from war. After hearing of his demise, she threw herself out her window.

Also, In the chapel/cafe drinking glasses are know to explode, even when in one server's hand, & sometimes the empty glasses are know to be turned upside-down.