The Screaming Skull-Haunted Object

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The History of the Haunting

There are a number of screaming skull legends in England. One of the more famous is that of the skull at Bettiscombe Manor. The manor has become known as "The House of the Screaming Skull" for its macabre legend involving the skull of a Jamaican slave from the 17th century.

As recounted on Wikipedia, the Jamaican servant swore on his death bed that he would not rest until his body was returned to his homeland, Nevis, an island in the Caribbean Sea. His masters, however, chose not to do so, and instead had him buried on the grounds of the St. Stephen's Church cemetery.

From then on, terrible things began to happen in the area, and ghostly "screams and crying" emanated from the cemetery. What's more, Bettiscombe Manor itself became home to strange noises, rattling windows, slamming doors, and other strange occurrences.

"The body of the servant was exhumed and the body taken to the manor house. In the process of time the skeleton has long since vanished, except for the skull where it has remained in the house for centuries."

In general, it's said that removing one of these skulls from a house leads to unending poltergeist activity, as in the story above, until the skull is returned.